Special Thanks to Leo Laporte

Special Thanks to Leo Laporte

 Cause and effect fascinates me, some refer to it as The Butterfly Effect.  I can reflect back on the impact it’s had in my life.


As I reach the end of something (or even in the middle), I often find myself tracing my steps back to the origin.  Frequently, I find it to have been a small or almost unimportant decision, choice, or influence that causes the entire thing to begin. An example of this is what brings me here to offer a special thanks to Leo Laporte. 

In 1989, I had a serious back injury resulting from a work accident.  It was a good career and at the time, I envisioned I would remain there until retirement.  Unfortunately, the injury changed all that.  I was in constant pain and had difficulty walking. As I was lying in bed awaiting back surgery, I came across a TV show called “The Screen Savers”. 

At the time, my computer experience was limited. This experience consisted of two arcade games I owned that were placed in a friend’s baseball card shop, all in an effort to earn some money on the side.  Yet, after watching several “The Screen Savers” episodes, I was drawn to make Information Technology my new career. Leo made technology come alive, he taught me that you learn by doing and connecting with people that you could learn new skills from.   

Fast forward to present day.  I have received no formal schooling or training. But by following his advice of keeping technology new and real, I became a one-man shop that has built a career, which supports my family.  I am a very humble man and do not like to focus on myself, but to add some weight to my rant, I will list some technological accomplishments that I am very proud of.

  • My longest standing client has grown from 20 employees to 200 with my help. They continue to grow.
  • Two years in a row, I have been nominated for Information Technology Executive of the year in Southern California.
  • Another client, who is a multi millionaire several times over, has chosen me to be his IT support for his personal and business IT needs. I guess I'm doing something right!

To me, this was all inspired from Leo. His love of technology, honesty, and passion gave me a direction to go in. I can only imagine how many other lives he has affected without even knowing it.


Nobody needs to see my mug, so to pull at your heartstrings a little, I have asked my kids to say thank you for me.  If you bring the butterfly effect concept into thought here, you can see how you have even had some influence on the pride and joy in my life…. My kids.  This impact is what brings everything back full circle to show the depth of my gratitude.


Along with any comments you may have please suggest any movies, books or other items on cause and effect/butterfly effect.